• Nominate a Non-Profit - 2021 Steinbach Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

    The Non-Profit Award recognizes a non-profit organization that is known for enhancing the social, cultural, environmental and/or economic well-being of our community. This non-profit organization has been successful in achieving their vision and mandate, as evidenced by the quality of the organization’s programs and services, as well as its innovative practices.

    Please enter the name of the organization you are nominating for the Non-Profit Excellence Award, your contact information and reasons why you feel this organization is deserving of the award.

    A nomination is necessary to be entered for the Non-Profit Excellence Award. Each nominee will be contacted to confirm they are willing to let their name stand for the Non-Profit Excellence Award. An independent selection committee, consisting of community members, will review submissions and select an award recipient.

    This award is presented by Penner International.
    2021 Business Awards will be presented on September 28, 2021.
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