• Innovation - Buzzword or Something More?

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    It can be one of those trendy words used by businesses to sound effective.

    “We develop innovative solutions…”

    “We are innovative in how we reach new markets…”

    “One of our core values is innovation…”

    Of course, the goal of being innovative is a fantastic target. After all, most businesses strive to determine how their product or service can be unique compared to their competitors. According to the Innovation Network, 88 percent of all organizations have the word “innovation” or “creativity” in their mission statements. That is a lot of innovation!

    The Steinbach Chamber of Commerce declares innovation as one of its core values, and defines it as: “Proactively implementing new ideas and improvements for local business growth and regional economic growth.” Perhaps one of the values of your own organization sounds similar.

    With so much focus on this concept, it can be helpful to step back and examine what the term really means. Scott Berkun, writer of the bestselling book The Myths of Innovation, uses the example of a keyboard when discussing the topic. He states it simply, “The keyboard, like all innovations, is a combination of things that existed before” (p. 7).

    New and creative ideas are rarely developed in a vacuum.  What do you already know?  How can you build on it?  How can you connect two, three, or more concepts and morph them into something better?
    Chances are you will not stumble across a new idea because of an epiphany.  Rather, your experience, knowledge, and insight will lead you to a better way of doing or creating something.

    A better gadget. A better way to serve clients. A better way to build. A better process.

    Whatever it may be, move forward and be more effective in how you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

    Be creative.

    Be innovative.
    Interested in experiencing an event focused on creativity and innovation? The Steinbach Chamber of Commerce is partnering with North Forge East to host a Ramp Up Weekend. The short version of Ramp Up Weekend: You take a business from idea to launch in around 42 hours. For more information, check out the official event page or this news article from the most recent Ramp Up event which took place in Winnipeg. This could be your chance to become the next success story!

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