• About the Chamber

  • Our Mission:

    The Steinbach Chamber of Commerce unites and represents Steinbach and area businesses, in the belief that the resulting economic growth and stability provides an enhanced quality of life for the entire community.

    Our Vision:

    The Steinbach Chamber of Commerce will continue to be a vehicle of positive change in our community, through the pursuit of the following core values:

    Service: Actively identifying and meeting the needs of our member businesses.

    Sustainability: Leveraging available resources and developing new strategies to optimize our members’ long-term return on investment.

    Innovation: Proactively implementing new ideas and improvements for local business growth and regional economic growth.

    Cooperation: Creating synergy between business, government, and residents to achieve mutual success.

    Integrity: Remaining accountable to our members and the community by operating in a fair and ethical manner.

    Respect: Honoring Steinbach’s history, culture and accomplishments, while embracing our growing diversity and opportunities.

    Our History:

    Steinbach has had a community organization similar to the Chamber of Commerce since the early 1920’s. In the early days the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce was known as the Board of Trade.

    The Board of Trade was a significant contributor to the community in terms of development. In 1929 the Transportation Committee purchased a gravel pit and gravelled the road to Giroux which was then the freight station for Steinbach. Local merchants were then assessed a fee and farmers helped by hauling gravel.

    The organization helped to organize the Bethesda Hospital Society, which in 1937 completed the Bethesda Hospital without the aid of any government grants.

    In the 1950’s and 1960’s the Chamber lent its support and helped to promote the construction of many fine facilities required by the community including the hospital, schools, civic centre, arena and public library.

    In 1954 the Board of Trade officially became the Chamber of Commerce. The registration of the organization with the Department of the Secretary of State of Canada took place on March 17, 1954.


    Eastman Immigrant Services (EIS)

    The biggest initiative of the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce is the Eastman Immigrant Services (EIS) program.  EIS is funded by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Manitoba Adult Language Training for Immigrants (MALTI), Manitoba Economic Development & Training (MEDT), and Skills & Employment Partnership (SEP). Our primary focus is to optimize successful settlement and integration for newcomers, making the transition to a new community a positive experience, both for newcomers as well as the receiving community. 

    We welcome an average of 200 families to our region each year for the past ten years!  This helps to provide a solid labour force from which employers can hire, and an increased population also translates to an increase in local consumers.

    Settlement services include:  

    • Assistance with important documents such as immigration documents, health care, and benefits
    • English classes
    • Job search skills, information on job training programs
    • Settlement Workers In Schools (SWIS) - assistance with school registration, support and referrals to community resources
    • Community connections to services such as leisure activities, info sessions on settlement topics
    • Interpretation and translation of documents or help to arrange these services

    For more information about EIS, please visit www.eastmanimmigrantservices.com