• Our History

  • Steinbach has had a community organization similar to the Chamber of Commerce since the early 1920’s. In the early days the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce was known as the Board of Trade.

    The Board of Trade was a significant contributor to the community in terms of development. In 1929 the Transportation Committee purchased a gravel pit and gravelled the road to Giroux which was then the freight station for Steinbach. Local merchants were then assessed a fee and farmers helped by hauling gravel.

    The organization helped to organize the Bethesda Hospital Society, which in 1937 completed the Bethesda Hospital without the aid of any government grants.

    In the 1950’s and 1960’s the Chamber lent its support and helped to promote the construction of many fine facilities required by the community including the hospital, schools, civic centre, arena and public library.

    In 1954 the Board of Trade officially became the Chamber of Commerce. The registration of the organization with the Department of the Secretary of State of Canada took place on March 17, 1954.