• Embrace the Difference

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    Here’s some inspiration for innovation! And it’s an idea that you may never have thought of.

    The Steinbach Chamber just launched an awareness campaign called Embrace the Difference, and the purpose of the campaign is to promote the value of differences in our community, recognizing that by embracing differences we allow for people of all abilities to contribute to life in our community. It’s about focusing on people’s abilities, instead of their disabilities. This speaks to basic respect. It speaks to the generosity that Southeast Manitoba is so often known for.But there’s also a business component to this issue. Check out how big business is changing as the market is changing. Companies like Microsoft and Walmart are recognizing that it makes good business sense to pay attention to the differences in people, and the products and services that many people could benefit from.

    Check out this video to see how businesses are changing, and allow your innovative spirit to go places it hasn’t yet gone!
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